Van Hemert Produkties produces informative and educational films about care and well-being.
The informative films for patients, family members and volunteer caretakers explain what the consequences of a disease like a non-congenital brain disorder, a stroke, dementia, or Parkinson's disease can be. How do you handle these? How important are volunteer aid and contact with fellow sufferers?
The educational films provide students with insights in (the perception of) diseases and the treatment thereof. Caretakers get a look behind the scenes of their co-workers: how do they work, how do they deal with issues in their day-to-day job? Workbooks with additional information and assignments support the use of the videos within the framework of a training programme or a course.
Producers: Kees van Hemert, Hester Aanen
A DVD aimed at people suffering from Parkinson's disease, their partners and family members.

This DVD contains three films:

1: A brief explanation about Parkinson's disease (7 min.). By viewing this film first, you will be better able to empathize with the video portraits contained within this DVD.

2: The film Parkinson's doesn't just affect the patient. Five people suffering from Parkinson's disease illustrate what this disease means to them and their loved ones:
Am I suffering from Parkinson's? 14 min.
My life has switched to a lower gear. 12 min.
Am I too fanatic? 17 min.
It's not me who's suffering from the disease, it's us. 16 min.
I am honest about suffering from Parkinson's. 12 min.


This footage shows that every patient suffering from Parkinson's is different. The disease's symptoms vary per patient, as does the way one manages the disease.
Parkinson's doesn't just affect the patient: the disease doesn't just greatly affect the lives of patients, but also those of their partners and families.
Contact with fellow sufferers can lead to mutual support and encouragement, and maintaining control over one's disease and the care process. The Dutch Parkinson Vereniging associations ( organizes various forms of contact between fellow sufferers. The five stories contained within Parkinson's doesn't just affect the patient show several activities especially designed for fellow sufferers.

3: Responses to the film from other patients and volunteer caretakers (17 min.). These responses indicate recognition and show the importance of contact with fellow sufferers.This DVD is compiled by Van Hemert Produkties in collaboration with patients, family members and professionals active in Parkinson's disease care. This DVD can also be used to educate students and professionals. These stories show them how the people directly involved experience Parkinson's disease.

The DVD will be delivered in spring 2014.

The DVD costs 25 euro


Many informal caregivers aren't aware that's just what they are. But caring for someone can be hard work. This film (30 min.) shows three stories about caregivers. What does it mean for them to be a caregiver?

System: DVD
Selling price EURO 25, excluding shipping costs


In 1997, the artist Herman Smith suffered a stroke.
During the following years, his paintings tell about the strange and wondrous world in which he ended up finding himself. A world in which space and time have lost their fixed order. 
With his painting ‘Gatenkaas’ (‘Holey cheese’), Herman wishes to clarify that he regards his stroke as a hole in the brain. The film ‘Gatenkaas’ shows the impact of Herman’s stroke on himself as an artist and as a person.
The stroke has influenced his style of painting. Herman talks about his stroke partly on the basis of his work and as such we are invited to participate in his artistic experiences. 
Therefore, and also because of the original way in which he has coped with the consequences of his stroke, ‘Gatenkaas’ (34 min.) can be regarded as holding important information for anyone confronted with a stroke and also for art lovers.

System: DVD
Selling price EURO 25, excluding shipping costs


‘A stroke … keeps you occupied’ consists of three stories (25, 17 and 22 minutes) from people who suffered a stroke. 
The film shows, over a period of two years, how the recovery of these patients takes place and the way in which one copes with the consequent effects of the stroke. 
‘A stroke … keeps you occupied’ is mainly intended for presentation to patients and other people closely concerned. Because the impact and effects of a stroke are shown in such a realistic way, the film evokes a great deal of recognition to the ones involved. In addition, the film is also suitable for training professionals working with these patients: the film provides them with the patient’s own perspective on the effects of a stroke.

There’s also a booklet as a supplement to the film (on DVD and VHS video) with tips on how to use the film for educational purposes.
The film is made on the initiative of the Dutch Stroke Association ‘Samen Verder’, member of SAFE (Stroke Alliance for Europe):

DVD: € 25, including supplement, excluding shipping costs.

Supplement: A stroke keeps you occupied (PDF)


The language of hands. This documentary shows that love and sexuality don ‘t retire with age. When people get older they still want to be touched, they still have a need for physical contact, eroticism and sexuality. The length of the documentary is 56 minutes and consists of 5 portraits.

The first portrait is about Fen (66) and Marianne (65), two lesbian women who have lived together well over 20 years.
Specific subjects that come to are: the place of intimacy and sexuality within their lesbian relationship and the way in which they make love, the similarities and differences compared to a heterosexual relationship.


The second portrait is about Herma (64), a heterosexual woman who has lived alone since her divorce, almost 20 years ago. In this portrait specific attention is given to: dealing with her divorce, getting used to being alone and taking good care of your own body and the meaning of masturbation.

Carol (64) and Wietske (54) are the main characters in the third portrait. They have been married to each other for 13 years. Specific points of interest are: how they experience their relationship compared to their first marriages and the way they build “a party” together in order to enjoy intimacy and sexuality even more.Wim (59) and Andrea (60) have been married over 34 years. This fourth portrait revolves, in addition to the themes of experiencing intimacy, sexuality and the influence of getting older, around: how Andrea and Wim deal with standoffishness and closeness within their relation and the way in which they keep their relationship alive and well after having been together for so many years. Jan (59) and Sjef (67) have lived together for 8 years. They explain in the fifth portrait how they experience their homosexual relationship, their living together, and the influence of getting older on their sexuality. In addition, the portrait pays specific attention to: their being in love, their first meeting andealing with falling in love and sexual attraction outside of their own relationship.

Selling price: EURO 25, excluding shipping costs


The film “Best of both worlds” (60 minutes) shows that bisexuality exists, that it is a distinct sexual orientation and that it manifests itself in many ways. In five videoportraits, bisexual people recount the discovery of their own bisexuality and describe how they give it a place in their lives. They discuss various prejudices in this connection.

Heleen is a single, young, bisexual woman. Heleen ‘s portrait illustrates the importance of personal socialisation with respect to sexuality in accepting one’s own “bi”-preference.

Leo has a LAT (Living Apart Together) relationship with Petra and also has contacts with his German friend, Thomas. In this portrait Leo describes bisexuality as a choice that everyone (hetero, homo, bi) chooses.


Heidi and Jet comment on their relationship: “It is as solid as a rock, no one can come between us.” But for them bisexuality also means opting for restlessness in the sense that they desire contacts with a man, together or individually. Kees and Bea stimulate each other in giving their bi-ness a place in their lives. In this connection, the organisation of a trio is a realistic option for them.Inger describes how she combines a LAT relationship with Leo, contacts with a female lover and girlfriends in lesbian circles. She feels positively about the description of bisexuality as “the best of both worlds”.

San Francisco Bi Film Festival July 24-26, 1998:
“This excellent new documentary from The Netherlands, challenges bisexual stereotypes by presenting the many different perspectives of self-identified bis. Is bisexuality a choice? Can bisexuals be mongamous? Is the trio the ideal? Bi people of all different ages and backgrounds address these questions and more. The variety of viewpoints presented helps to enlarge the bisexual identity beyond sterotypical notions and causes this documentary to stand apart from others. The viewer is left with the knowledge that the ambiguity of bisexuality allows for a wide range of outlooks on relationships and sexual attraction. This film is a must see for anyone looking to understand the bisexual nature, or for anyone just looking for a familiar story that hits close to home.”

Selling price: EURO 25, excluding shipping cost


A film about conditional assistance

The past years have shown a marked increase in the number of people experiencing serious financial problems in the Netherlands.

Debts and social security fraud result in a couple and their two children ending up on the streets. The family begins to drift.
They are ultimately given a home, on the condition that they sign a 5-year assistance contract.

The film tells the story of the couple and their contacts with their social workers: Theo, the social worker specialized in working with fringe-group populations, René, the specialized family counselor and Ben, the employment coordinator.

The film has a duration of 43 minutes and is made in cooperation with NIZW, the Dutch Institute for care and Welfare.

Selling price: EURO 25, excluding shipping costs

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